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What to Do When Your Neighbors Home Hurts Your Home Value
February 23, 2020
Author: Kevin Landry

After years of careful planning, searching, and saving to buy a home, its normal to take pride in your home. However, that doesnt mean you plan to stay in the same place forever, and you cant control who your neighbors are and whether or not they maintain their home. If youre getting ready to list your home and the condition of your neighbors home is negatively impacting your own home value, here are some steps you can take.

Talk to your neighbors.

Your neighbor may want to improve their homes exterior but may not have the time, tools, or know-how necessary to accomplish their tasks. Consider offering your neighbor your lawn mower, ladder, or some of your time to help them.

Consult your HOA.

If your neighborhood has a homeowners association, there are most likely covenants and restrictions which dictate acceptable standards for the exterior of your neighbors home. If you suspect your neighbor is in violation of these standards and dont want to be the person to alert them, notify your HOA.

Speak to housing code enforcement.

Even if your neighborhood doesnt have a HOA, if your neighbor has an overgrown lawn or abundant yard debris, they may be violating local housing codes. Contact housing code enforcement to see what guidelines are being abused and what steps can be taken to address problems with your neighbors house/yard.

Selling your home when you live next to difficult neighbors can add to an already stressful process. However, the final results will be worth it. Once youre ready to start looking for your next home, I can help you identify bad-neighbor warning signs to help you avoid a similar situation in the future.