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Homes by Drones
May 21, 2017
Author: Amrita Bedi

An aerial view of a sandy beach.

After years of languishing in the doldrums residential real estate prices have started to revive. If you are on the fence about selling your home now is a great time to come off that fence and list your home for sale. And while you are deciding on the various aspects of marketing your home you might decide to explore the sales pitches of home for sale in your neighborhood. If the listing agent has done a good job of presenting the property you will see some spectacular pictures that look like they have been shot from an airplane. Actually, most likely they are drone photographs. Aerial photographs are nowhere as expensive as they used to be a fewyears ago thanks to the advances in technology. Ive been considering purchasing a drone camera to photograph my listings. I found out that the process is not as simple as stepping into the nearest Best Buy, purchasing and then happily clicking away. There are several additional steps required. Come to think of it it is rather unsettling to think of an undetected drone silently snapping pictures of your home or youso drones weighing more than .55 lbs are considered unmanned aircraft by the FAA and must be registered by the user.

Exactly how can drone photographs help market your home? Well consider a buyer who is not familiar with your town

An aerial view will give them

  1. Great perspective on the layout of the land surrounding the house
  2. How close it is to other homes
  3. What does the drive to the grocery store or school look like